Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cousin Rosanna's Wedding--August 18, 2012

My cousin Rosanna got married in August!  It was a beautiful and fun wedding!

 Emma looked so cute!

 Not sure what Derek was doing that they were all enthralled about, but it was cute!

Color coordinated?  Huh...

The Bride and Groom--Beautiful!

Kolten's Birthday Party--August 7, 2012

The kids had fun at a good friend's birthday party at the pool...

This Girl...--May 26, 2012

Air Show--July 29, 2012

We are so lucky to have the Blue Angels visit Twin Falls every couple of summers.  This year the kids really enjoyed it.  Jackson especially enjoyed climbing in any airplane he could (but he didn't want his pic taken at first, haha),

Climbing on whatever equipment he could,

Building his own airplane, 

And, of course, watching the Blue Angels,

This was one hot and tired kid by the time it was all over with!  (We were glad we didn't drag Lilly, it was super hot, long, and would have just worn the poor girl out!)

July 4th, 2012

This is ridiculous that I'm still catching up on summer posts, I almost decided not to do them at all, but then, for our family scrapbook purposes and the main purpose I do this (a way for our family to preserve memories) I decided I just had to do it or one whole summer of memories would be missing from our books.  So, if you are reading this, bear with me, or feel free to skip!

So, our 4th of July was pretty much the traditional day!  We started by going to the parade, headed to CSI for games and a barbecue, then ended the night with fireworks!  We are so thankful for this fun family tradition and the memories the kids have from it each year!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Summer Hike--June 2012

One of my favorite local places to hike is the trail system at Third Fork in the South Hills.  Michelle and I and Jackson and Lilly had a great hike (although Jackson was REALLY tired by the end of it, it was pretty steep and strenuous for his little legs, but he was a trooper!).

Just getting started!  And let me just say, Lilly was a lot of added weight--30 pounds to be exact!  Oy!

So pretty

 Jackson's favorite part, the stream!

 She napped most of the way down (with my water bottle as her pillow!)

Father's Day 2012

Fishing, swimming, picnicking, and a barbecue was what our Father's Day was comprised of!

 swimming and splashing at Dierke's Lake while Jake fished nearby

 playing at the park, while Daddy was still fishing!

 Happy Father's Day to my amazing father!

 Jake and Jackson fishing

Bram, Keshia, and BZ (Baby Zane)

Jackson freaking out on Santa's lap (with Tonia and Aide)

Most of the group at Christmas in the Nighttime Skies

Michelle's First Tree-Gorgeous Picture!

Still in Love *Sigh*

Me, Jackson, and Jake (and our tree)